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Beaded Row Extensions

Beaded row extensions are a method  that require no glue, tape, or heat to apply.  With minimal points of contact, this will put less pressure on your scalp and hair follicle, which means little to no damage if cared for properly.

These extensions can add length, fullness, or color to your everyday look that is less invasive and longer lasting than other extension alternatives. Your extensions will be custom colored, cut, and styled keeping your look seamless, and the wefts are virtually undetectable giving you the luxurious locks you have always dreamed of.

I currently use Kitsune (IBE), Bellami, and Dope Lengths hand tied and machine tied wefts and the invisible bead method to install your extensions.

Why beaded rows?


Beaded Row Extensions are the hottest, fastest, and least damaging method on the extension market today.

Installation is fast, with equally fast removal. The process involves sewing multiple pieces of hair together and attaching the row to the head using a bead and string.

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What is the process like?


The experience begins when we meet in person for a consultation and discuss your lifestyle, maintenance, and hair extension goals. 

We will then custom match your color to the hair using multiple wefts to create a beautiful, seamless blend. 

Next comes install. The actual installation generally takes about an hour per row, with 2 rows being average. 

Finally, we will cut your new hair to blend with your natural hair, and finish off with a mini-tutorial on how to style your new locks. 

How often do I come back?

Move-ups are required every 6-8 weeks depending on texture, speed of hair growth, and home care.

Maintenance appointments are generally about 30 minutes. 

With proper care, your new hair can be expected to last about 1-2 years!




Brush hair from roots to ends. To make sure your extensions do not matte or knot together, section the hair by each row while brushing.


Never put conditioner on the scalp. Most importantly, not on the seams of the wefts as it can cause the base to slip prematurely. 


Do not go to bed with the hair wet. If you would like to allow your hair to air dry, make sure it has completely dried before going to sleep.


Only allow a certified stylist to do any maintenance or removal.


Sleep with hair in a low braid or ponytail to avoid excess knotting.


If you are swimming in chlorine or saltwater you need to wet your hair and put leave-in conditioner prior to swimming. afterwards you need to shampoo and condition hair immediately to insure the health and quality of the extensions.

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